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Who says there are only 50 shades of
color? With hdputty there are a million more!



20 kg hdputty

Shades Of White

There is an infinite variety of colors in this world but most remain unknown to us because what we normally see is based on warmer or cooler tone of white 

White Tone -  hd putty

light reflecting on it. Only the perfect shade of white reveals the truest tone of colors.

With a 92% whiteness index on the Hunter Scale, hdputty gives the perfect color temperature range. This means that it will not give warmer or cooler tones to the paint colors on walls but will bring out the true tones of the entire color spectrum.

Asset 36_4x-8.png

That Glitters Is HD

hd putty is formulated with an unmatchable density of 10,300 ultra nano particles per inch (PPI). This high density warrants a high definition finish by enabling pigments of paint to cling onto each nano particle unlike standard putty which merely sits as a layer beneath the paint. The superior 10,300 PPI technology adds sharpness, clarity and high color saturation giving an HD display to your walls.


We call it the body paint for your walls like the spectrum of colors unlocking and accentuating the minutest details.

P2P Bonding

Weaving into your walls! Made from the multi-award winning white cement by Maple Leaf, hdputty. forms an organic bond with the grey cement plaster. The particle to particle (P2P) bond formed by 

hdputty creates a strong and durable base for all paints.This is unlike acrylic putty which is an adhesive layer on grey plaster.


We call it warping and wefting of hdputty with grey plastered wall.

p2p bonding - hd putty

HD Walls
Are Forever

The high magnitude of ultra nano particles form an extra smooth and flawlessly even foundation. This foundation is a blend of high-tech polymers and cementitious properties. The sheer density of particles per inch ensures that there

Light Rays - hdputty

are no crevices in the wall that can trap dust or light. As a result, every shade of paint appears bright and vivid on hdputty walls reflecting perfect clarity for years to come.

Experience high definition on every inch of your wall, just like a diamond!


7x Adhesion

Ever gotten out of a sticky situation?

With hdputty you can’t!


Our high-grade polymers give 7 times more stronger and natural adhesion to paint. These polymers 

7x Adhesion - hd putty

are embedded in each ultra nano particle of hdputty providing an ultimate fusion to prevent flaking and chipping.

Asset 43_4x-8_edited_edited.jpg
Shades of Red
Shades of Yellow
10,300 ppi

Other Putty

Low Cost,
High Definition

Primer Non Grata!

When it comes to time and cost, hdputty is a clear winner. The presence of high grade bond-adhesive polymers eliminate the need 


Layers - hd putty

of primer by forming a P2P bond directly with cement plaster on your walls. This not only eliminates the use of primer but also reduces the paint coatings required for the desired shine and color.

Less is more with hdputty!


Water & Dirt Resistant

A wall with two locks.​ hdputty repels water by eliminating all open pores on the surface of the wall.

Antiflaking - hd putty

With embedded qualities of

white cement and water repelling polymers, it blocks water from seeping into your walls from outside. The ultra smooth wall does not allow a single water droplet to stay on 

the surface, guarding the wall from dampness, seepage and fungi.

Dirt particles are small but hdputty nano particles are smaller! The second lock in hdputty eliminates the minutest gaps for dust to get trapped in, resulting in exceptionally smooth wall for paint to cling on. With hdputty, the paint is not just on the wall but it becomes a part of the wall guaranteeing zero flaking for life.

Asset 25_4x-8_edited.png
hd putty Specifications
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